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Welcome to the Odd Book Club. If you enjoy strange books, browsing through used book stores and finding strange things, or just hearing about the odd books someone else has found, this is the community for you.

So, what makes a book odd?

It can be just about anything. Maybe the title or cover art is stupid or outlandish. Maybe the book is about something you can't believe anyone would ever write a book about. Maybe the book is written in a strange, entirely ungrammatical style. Maybe the book is a humorous book that was meant to be odd. Maybe the book is written in octopus ink on paper made from turtle shells. There are no limitations on what makes a book "odd". The book doesn't even have to be bad; it could be a great bizarre book. And we don't care about how odd a book is. I've you've got a strange book you'd like to post about, but you don't think it's as strange as the books other people are posting about... that doesn't matter. Post that sucker!

What information should you include in your post?

That's up to you. Maybe a photo or scan of the book's cover; selected passages from the book; a summary; a reprint of the blurb from the back cover; even a full book review. Whatever you think is necessary for people to understand why this book is so odd.

If there are any questions, direct them to corsac, who maintains the community.